During And After The Ordeal

My love of reading  put my into a prime position of doing just that. As being an avid reader I discovered my well known precious authors of  books. I covered seven of them. After reading in my mind was wonderful as I could spam a great deal of knowledge and entertainment combined. The list goes as follows: ” The Book on Everything Irish” by Colin Murphy. ” Getting Haiti Right and this time, the US and the coup” by Amy Goodman. ” Roscoe” by William Kennedy. ” Angry Optimist by Jon Stewart. ” The Portable Library” by John Steinbeck, Edited by Pascal Covici Jr.  ” Subway Series Reader” Edited by Pete Hamill.  This was my second time reading this and found it great as was the first time, knowing that Pete Hamill is one of my favorite authors.” The Motorcycle Diaries; Notes of Latin American journeys by Enesto Che  Guevera. These were as intriguing and led an abundance of knowledge which was enjoyable. During and after this time I was fortunately connected with Weesie. Scott, and my two nieces. I mostly texted them and spoke to them by phone. How wonderfully glorious was this.

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