The Ordeal

This is my first time since April! So patiently waiting wasn’t a terrible long deal. I occupied myself with other ventures which was most entertaining to me and was most satisfying  and mainly didn’t think of it for the most part!  As the most went by I was good.  The months went by picking up on the international national local news as usual. Doing what I do best worrying about important things. Moving to a place nearly closed to where I was when I first came to Rochester. This place was horrendous, not safe, with all kinds of problems to put it mildly. I signed to  a one year lease unaware of the monumental issues ahead so as the short months came and gone I just stayed to myself. Then my son’s roommate moved out wanting a place of his own. That gave me prime opportunity to move back to my original place which I reside now. Told the landlord that I was moving , she said to put it in writing so I did just that. Told her I didn’t feel safe there. Told her why yet didn’t elaborate fully. With the unwanted noise the general vicinity of where it was located and on and on. Knowing I had an eye doctor’s appointment on the 15th, which was very important I moved on the 4th of June. She was a slum lord never repaired anything including washing machines and dryers. This put a great deal of stress on me. The bottom line was money in her eyes. This was a short version of what actually happened and just scripting this makes me stressed out. Told myself I must calm down, yet being high strung I have to make a real effort! I’m ok copacetic!


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