These regrets are a few and were beyond my control so that being said they go as follows: Not have more children which I for a fact love children. I would have loved to have a baby girl. I know that girls cling to their Mom’s when they are grown. That would have been nice! I would have liked to be married longer then the short 20 years. I had wished I wasn’t as gullible as I had been. People surely had a field day with that in the past.  I had wanted to have more of an eye hand coordination which as the years past it gotten better: which it would be been good enough to drive a motor vehicle.  However being meticulous and methodical wouldn’t had been a good idea. Not good logic at all at say the least. Knowing I had seen in the past and presently there are people who run the chance of driving. Now and never been a gambler especially with my life: it’s too precious much so with other lives.  It would be been great to had entered college and had become a teacher in an elementary school.  The serenity prayer is to have the courage to change to the things you can: accept to things you can’t and have the wisdom to know the difference.

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