First Of All

First of all and foremost my worries are monumental from the depth of my soul or personality to the highest mountain and the deepest bodies of water. I try to keep calm and within perspective as to what is of importance and do my best to ignore what isn’t. Sometimes it works yet deep inside my heart it just is there gnawing at me. I’m doing my utmost to remain calm. There are the worries that are coming to the surface: not having funeral insurance which I know for a fact is through the roof, not having health insurance, yes I have medicare yet is this enough? Not having a boyfriend which is good because I can share these and other feelings which I have. Really want to get married again or need to marry again for my own well being, yet for that matter have and are most particular as to the special someone in store.  In the past our personality never gelled and I was never really attractive to them. This is with one and only exception! It would be wonderful  to wake up in the earliest of mornings and put my arm around that someone just for security reasons: though I’ve haven’t gone that for quite a while. So this is one of my secret desires though now it is out!  So I ask is anyone listening? In this wide world of computers anything at my fingertips to do anything possible and not everything. Our Lord doesn’t give us meager human beings more than we can handle. Believe me my plate is overflowing!!












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