Second Of All

Wow again I’m blogging this is twice today! Just recently  within a week ago, my son and I  went to the coop because he needed medicine. It took twenty minutes there, then he proceeded downtown on the bus and I came back on my own. This was the first time walking alone. It was fine. I kind of took the way from our original path. Went as far as Mt. Hope and actually took a straight path back. Walk up Averell, then crossed to Hickery, then to Stratford, then Cypress, then to Linden. Made it back with time to spare. Although I was quite thirsty and drank a great deal of water. I made it which was a milestone. Maybe all toll it was 6 blocks. Having to keep in mind of the low blood pressure, which now is part of my life. Being that I’m thin this has all the bearing on me, so must be aware to keep me hydrated. Actually the weather here is summerlike now especially today for an October day.  I can’t dwell on this however just be aware of this. Blogging is good, to keep me calm, then reading is too. To actually keep my mind active with things that are of interest to myself. Speaking of reading. I’m in the middle of a book now called ” All Too Human” by Edward Klein. It’s another book about the Kennedys which after I had read all the Kennedy books in the past. Made a pledge that I wouldn’t do this again. This particular book is the exception so I had a change of heart. It is excellent written. It is a tell all book of facts instead of gossip. Before I decided to read it I looked at the author which only then I made this apparent decision. And rightfully so was the correct one. Not regretting it one bit. Have a doctor appointment next month and this will give me answers as to why in reference to the low blood pressure. I have this in the middle of the month and am confident I can wait till then. It is with a primary doctor. So then I can ask her several questions. Just mainly must keep myself calm till then! Know I can do this too!!!

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