Third Of All

Must open this blog with three times a charm. Now is that really true? Another slogan is “Three’s a company or a crowd”  There are several well incredible quotes which are quite amusing and is up my alley that I find most appropriate. They are as follows: Don’t Pee On My Leg and tell me it’s raining as said Judge Judy Sheinlin. Or another one of hers is Beauty Fades and Dumb is forever. This is really funny and I laugh each time I hear it. I might add things to me aren’t amusing though things that are intelligent that I find a real depth, it strikes me amusingly. Other quotes are: Not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country said by JFK.  On to a different realm, I’ve been requesting phone numbers from friends and family just to be more in touch with them or simply wish them a good day just to show that I care. Since the recent hurricanes that have mainly happened in the south: this has been an important idea.  Liz and fine family has texted me on occasion when Irma came on their shore. Scott and his wonderful family texted me as we exchanged messages back and forth. As Weesie and I phoned and left messages of concern. Just a kind word does wonders to make life worthwhile to actually have the realization that someone else cares. Many are so self absorbed it really difficult to have an honest from the heart conversation with these people. One selects the persons in my life and are truly thankful for their being there. As to the others they may slowly and surely go by the wayside with no love lost!

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