Fourth Of All

Nearly 11 p.m. and for some unknown reason thought this would be appropriate at this untimely hour. Just glanced at the national, international news which is always an eyeful of  relevant important information in my humble view. Just thinking of youtube  which is online and its a good source of music interviews and such. Speaking of music I would really like to glance and play my favorites which is on this online source however when this occurs it isn’t the case. Thought I would go to the history of this yet that isn’t the case either. Wanted to hear my favorites which is listed in my pc yet when I do and click open it doesn’t happen. Perhaps I’m not doing something correctly. It just would be nice to hear my songs anytime when it fits my fancy. That’s surely is a humorous expression, isn’t  it? In any event would just like to listen to some well known grace’s tunes once in a blue moon. Actually it’s been in my computer memory for years so its not going anywhere soon. It will turn up when I least expect it. So why not now. Would like to hear santo & johnny sleepwalk just a placid melody and  of course countless others.  So while I have this computer and fortunately online I’ve been mesmerized which the series” Bloodline” such a well put together cast, the script is fantastic, the writers are phenomenal while simply everything is wonderful, so suspenseful just grabs me that  the more I get the more I want. It’s only four season long and in the fourth season it will come to a finale. Been watch season three. Its breathtaking, with twists and turns at each angle.  It really in some aspect reminds me of the television series ” The Guardian” which only lasted three seasons and there was an outcry for its return. So hope there will be an outcry for Bloodline to make more seasons.  I for one is onboard. Did I mention about my favorites?! Oh of course I did!

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