Fifth Of All

While just finishing a endless cup of java, just wanted to blog again yet there wasn’t a tab to indicate that so I calmly was in the middle of posting a brief message to wordpress and surprisingly there it appeared. So now I’m doing just that. This site is awesome beyond words of adequate expression. Just started a new book called” A People’s History of the United States: 1492-Present” It is very eye opening in a historical interesting sense. So looking forward to peek my intellect further.  Let me clue these reader in on something of interest: the number 5 indicates harmony, the number 6 denotes balance.  Here is the answer to why the beautiful series of “Bloodline” left in midstream.  The Kessler brothers who are a countless amount of writers contribute to the series actually one of the brothers left the series. He was also writing for the series” Sopranos” at the same time apparently. So hopefully the countless fans and I for one is on board to bring back the writer to see what will occur in future episodes. Two thoughts actually came to mind: My being so analytical as to the reason: then why can’t the other brother get his brother’s associate to replace him temporarily. Now at last on with my subject. Been wondering about two of my lifelong friends, namely Patti McDonald who lived in Ala., with her husband, daughter Erin. She moved to Seattle after her house was destroyed by a fire. I have her home address, no phone number. Thought I had her email address and when I do that it comes back returned. So don’t have any way to contact her. Yet I will come up with ideas eventually. Now to another person. Julia who has a memory loss disease that begins with an A. I frequently phone her and leave messages and have her home address and email address as well. Yet no response. She is up in years eighty something maybe half of ninety, has a countless amount of health issues, yet when I speak to hear she is very cheerful loving kind generous person. Her son noticed a while ago earlier this year that I had been concerned and he phoned me on her number and said ” Mom was getting bad forgetting things so please keep calling her so that was what I was doing! So hopefully Julia phones or I hear from one of her relatives eventually. Will keep trying in that regard. My computer uploaded Windows 10 and so now my favorites appear so I can relax and listen to them and my interviews and songs on youtube and there as well. So my young son Andre wrote an email to my older son Ian who lives in Germany with his family. So I must say in that regard that wonders will never cease.

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