Wonders Will Never Cease

Here I am just another day in Rochester. Although for a spectacular few who are close to me it is their day. Never was aware of this growing up yet as an adult found out that the month of October brings unique happiness. It is my son Andre’s birthday today, my niece’s Christal’s birthday this very day; they are only a year apart, my nephew’s Ryan birthday yesterday, my niece’s Jenny’s birthday was the eleventh. Whatsmoreso  is they are all related to one another. How amazing is this. Andre and Ian are now communicating by email catching up with their separate lives. Furthermore phoned Ryan to wish him a great day, phoned back and had a good conversation with him then I handed to phone to Andre and he and Ryan had to short concise good conversation as well. Always feel that being  in contact with people does the heart good. Although it has to be a back and forth not a one sided relationship. Of course, in all families there is conflict in personalities which is a normality. So therefore all can’t see eye to eye on situations though all I ask for is civility. Treating others with respect and decency. Yet sometimes this doesn’t happen. So the  expression is Ce La Vie! People have their own individual minds never to have them being controlled in any way shape or form.  Am satisfied that the communication is open to new ideas which all involved will be an advantage to those  concerned. Thankfully this will forever continue.  Having nine nieces and two nephews with diverse personalities just wishing that all may realize that magnificent trait of civility and communication.  So that all may benefit from this yet in the process not feeling alone and knowing that others genuinely care.






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