” Questions of Justification” Installment One

What actually initiated me to begin with this subject was the simply fact of a recent news report in both the N.Y. Times and the Washington Post. It is video entitled ” The Lost Children of Tuam” This is a place in Ireland which was highly unlikely of an unspeakable despicable reprehensible event. The nuns of Bon Secours were at fault: and to make matters even worse others were complicit to this; which in the state of Georgia complicity is the same as the crime which more states should take Georgia’s example. This particular event happened in 1947. There were not an infinitesimal but a gargantuan amount to children a total of 747 who at the mere age of a few months, a few weeks, all under the ages of 10 years of age were mysteriously found in a massive place with no means of burial. As years passed more children came and some had found bones of these tiny infants in a sewer deep underground. There is not a soul who would analyze what had occurred for there was a stigma about all of it. Not a single soul would utter a word, give a gesture as to what happened. Then a kind person whose curiosity had the better of her and started a serious methodical investigations of the whole sad event. As again years went by at a fast pace, it was now the year 1970, this kind individual with her persistence went to libraries to  comb over piles of documents, which showed the reason for the untimely unwarranted deaths. At the hands of abuse these helpless souls endured daily. These helpless souls came into the world whose mothers weren’t married and the church began to look at this as an atrocity which it wasn’t at all. Some mothers would walk miles over a five year period and knock on the door and ask to see rear their children and were harshly turned away.  Now it is the next century and the entire occurred was over grown with greenery and workers came in with farm equipment in the hop that this will all disappear and be forgotten as if it never happened. No one had been arrested, prosecuted or even indicted. This particular church has forgotten Christ!!!! Persons should look on this as to one parish and never think that the whole religion is bad. It is such a shocking time in Ireland’s history and the world should be aware of it and  have apathy!

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