Questions Of Justification Installment Two

It’s hard to tell the right from the wrong: when the right is protecting the wrong. these are well known popular lyrics by a group of musicians who painstakingly perform the songs to a diversified group of persons who are interested in their thought provoking music. At this point in time the Catholic Churches throughout the U.S. have combined their services into two churches instead of only one. This reason is known and now out in the open of the many priests who have secretly abused the young both boys and girls. These priests have been transferred from parish to parish by other church officials who have known about this horrific event and have done nothing. These have happened at an incessant rate. In fact the occurrences happen whether it be a small out of the way town, or a large city.  The rhetoric is on and on as to how this tragedy keeps going forward over a span of decades.  All would know the what, the how what is the victims trust in these priests, or for that matter higher officials; the where which would be not necessarily excluded in a place: as this could occur in an everyday place which is very familiar to the victim. Throughout decades the Church paid the victims billions of dollars. This was done so the Church wouldn’t have to endure the disgrace of a trial by jury. Then there would naturally be the questions of justification. Of course there would be disputed. That isn’t any type of dispute what so ever. The end never justifies the means in any case. As to the reason of why would be an answer. Pope Francis has suggested that the priests should be married. Then the total of abuses wouldn’t have disappeared though had been diminished considerably. After all the Popes in the beginning of the Church were married as to church history shows. When Jesus started His Church He requested his apostles and disciples to follow him for a sufficient reason. These apostles and disciples who some of them were married at the time: followed Him before asking permission from their wives. Though their wives and their children were more than happen to say Yes. This would have been a unique opportunity.  Catholics had and still to this day are disillusioned in the church and are unable get past that. That is generally how Catholics think. Yet these people weren’t even the hundreds of victims. It is a harsh reality to ask for forgiveness namely if they were a party to it.  The Catholics as a whole shouldn’t put blame on the entire religion because of those who admitted and in all probability confessed to fellow priests. In these cases there is never a call to give benefits of doubt.

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