Questions Of Justification Installment Three

Despite a head cold I’ve still have resilience to carry on daily, such as walking two and a wshalf miles one way to Tops grocery store. Of course walking with Andre makes all the difference as we catch up on conversations and convey to one another how we enjoy the company of each other. All the more with rejeuvenation of the outside with a ray of sunshine to have warmth.  Keeping in contact with friends relatives is incessant. Having to know how two are faring being that they both have Alzheimer’s are a particular concern to me. My son and I walk to the bank on Mt. Hope to obtain some cash for his medicine: that is two miles both ways, so geering ourselves up isn’t bad in mild weather though when it is harsh it still will be necessary. There isn’t anyway around it. He must take it daily in order to feel decent. Analyzing the health care system here in this country is mind boggling. This shouldn’t be with the trillions of dollars this country has for spending on Defense. If this country would spend those many dollars on humanitarian resources, then the country would have a much better outlook particularly in third world countries. Here the death rate for persons who have no insurance is far greater than in the third world. That includes women and children which is inconsciencable . Finished this book, which had nearly 700 pages. It was intriguing and unique. Persons who has dementia and other chronic diseases who must take medicine daily to stay alive. The drug companies are complicit in the over the top prices. Seems that the companies are price gouging which hasn’t any evidence. The drug companies should relinquish some of the cost if the patient is in dire need and would be reminiscent to their needs. This could be an emphasis for the future. As the modern world is changing daily then all of us would have beneficial ways of living longer and have a comfortable life in which we all deserve. To be able to have life and health which is affordable. To be able to keep a roof over our heads, food to eat, nothing extraordinary, both heat and air conditioning provided in the rough winters and harsh summers. To live month to month with the basic necessities would make the average person thankfully. Nothing more or nothing less would certainly make me jump for joy. I personally never requested anything throughout my entire life and still don’t just to have the basic needs deserved. As a slogan is ” You get what you deserve” As all knows I think of others before myself.

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