“Veil Of Secrecy”

Character is what you actually are. Reputation is what others think you are. Having character is so far better than having a reputation however some may have both. Both my son and I viewed a hilltop in the distance of these tents. Our natural reaction was curiosity so a closer look these many tents contained the homeless population of Rochester, New York. I thought how unconscionable! Instead of these individuals sleeping and living on the streets here they are in these self absorbed tents which don’t provide warmth in the winter months.  All the rhetoric about this endless subject fails to have the issue disappear. Sadly it won’t being the fact that others turn a blind eye while have complete apathy. Some could do something while coinciding with their own needs yet they tend to ignore this.  Each of us who struggle daily to keep a roof over our heads, adequate food to consume, with utilities to pay; just with the basic needs is good just to live monthly. There are families who are in shelters and while children going to school daily are considered homeless. Everyone has a sense of decency and never say anything about themselves. It is their right to privacy even when asked: they reveal a veil of secrecy. University professors who are making $25 thousand a year live in a car or their van. This isn’t a fairytale or simply a myth. It is a fact. Their vehicles are parked in some retail parking lot as they sleep or grade student’s papers. Get ready for a days work in the schools bathroom. This is reality.  Homelessness is here to stay. Takes in all the economic fields in society. There is a well known Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei  whose ingenuity is astounding. His inspiration to anyone is rejuvenating. Gearing up for his film Human Flow is the plight of refugees should be seen by everyone. It is reminiscent of all who appreciates this fine piece of art.


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