How good is this, second day in a row with my free expression of thoughts. .While drinking some hot tea after having a bite to eat for lunch I’m ready to go ahead with as usual a uplifting attitude.  Making a routine of daily prayers nightly the days are empowering. Andre is sleeping momentarily and it’s so good to have him home and secured. The weather here is warmer however there are patches of ice on the driveway and sidewalks so it’s good to watch. It’s suppose to be still warmer so that won’t be a worry for long. A string of warmer temps are in store for a total of ten days so it’s such a pleasant change. While Andre was hospitalized with renal failure, had the grand opportunity to get a bed for him which the timing was perfect.  So now that’s done finally there are many things still on the back burner which are important. Figuring making lists are the best bet in obtaining these goals along with the daily living expenses.  Never dwelling on the worrisome tasks makes life better.  Though blogging about items makes a real difference. Speaking of that had appointments with doctors last year and going to and from by med taxi was a charm until the end of Dec. Then all went to the devil when in January of this year couldn’t get a taxi or to make matters worse the driver refuse to escort me to the appointments because I wasn’t in the system. Spent endless unnecessary time calling being left on hold for each day I phoned getting different numbers to phone. How utterly  frustrating annoying this was. Simply to finally find out the reason. The bottom line was money. I was making too much. Had to spend to ridiculous amount for one month and a total of a more astronomical amount for half a year. So that wasn’t going to happen. Had people argue with me too. Kept my composure throughout though it was difficult. So now at this point in time I have registered with Catholic Services of Monroe county. So now waiting to hear from them and then I applied for snap in Monroe county so I may obtain food and the appropriate stores which provide this service. This will be beneficial to both Andre and myself. For he is on a special diet and not allowed to have foods with potassium in them which include a variety of foods which are excluded. He has to make it a habit to read labels as to the contents and percentages. For example he isn’t allowed to have oranges for instance which was his favorite food. He is now taking dialysis which is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for four hours a day from three in the afternoon to seven in the evening.  And needless to say there are side effects to dialysis. Major fatigue, muscles cramps and more. However he is an excellent candidate for a kidney transplant. So while Andre was in the hospital I wasn’t dwelling on that though I was concentrating on some positive items and still am  doing just that.  I emailed Ian last night to give him a synopsis of Andre’s condition. Ian kindly gave me his phone number in Germany however couldn’t access it on my phone simply for the fact that I hadn’t had an oversees line which would had doubled the amount I’m currently paying now. I think this will be advantageous when I may email Ian instead of phoning him. Have to currently and constantly have my priorities exact. All will work itself out. Time does heal I have discovered. And of course prayer comes always included.


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