” Reader”

Now back online which is amazing and actually has been a lengthy time, seems like forever. Wonders will never cease! Doing this in Andre’s room sitting on his bed with the laptop on my lap. So far so good.  Been caring for Andre and in that course of time been a reader of a different type. Reading recipes, measuring ingredients, timing food. Using the oven which is a self automatic timer that is really easy once I got the knack of it.  Actually Shon has the same kind which is digital and so much faster that the older types. So besides cooking, walking to and from the stores in all kinds of weather wasn’t too bad.  Been reading a series of books which are as follows: ” Lenny Bruce An Autobiography”, Small Acts Of Resistance ” by Steve Crashaw and John Jackson,” St. Michael And The Angels” by Tan. ” Ragamuffin Prayer” complied by Jimmy Abegg. ” Poems For The People” by Carl Sandburg, ” These Few Precious Days” by Christopher Anderson: ” The Barbary Plague” by Marilyn Chase. Now these next two books are both by Frank McCourt which are ” Angela Ashes” and ” Tis”  So this is my synopsis of my wonderful life here in Rochester, New York thusfar!

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