The Five Letter Doubles U

Up at this unlikely time at nearly five in the morning with a combinations of thoughts running through my brain, it’s a good time than any to script. From time in memorial when more than fifty years ago when a well known president of the United States was taken from the people and the stories surrounding this began to surface: I for one wasn’t thinking of it. My mind was focused as to the five w’s  when reporters must write each column; though there is another letter that in unrelated and that letter is h for how. My thought focused as to how the person obtained the weapon and the question was why don’t the ceos of major companies establishments do something on their own. Now in 2018 the ceo of Dicks Sporting goods has finally acted in a courageous act. He has said that no longer will guns be sold at his stores. Now Walmart has followed his lead, Moreover the age will be boosted up to 21. I’m for one are gratified in his decision. Have to make this blog finish in record time as Andre has to come here and sleep. This is the only room I may use the computer in as it is in close to the outlet.  Got my thoughts done in an ample time now so good night.

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