A Major Snowstorm

Going on the computer finding out the news earlier brought this to be running slower than in normality so thought I would do a few items of importance which would give it time to go at a speed of my liking! So I was correct. There is a what the broadcaster refer as a life- death major snowstorm that has impacted the length of the eastern seaboard to New England which of course has included here in Rochester. The city does an outstanding job to clear of roads, highways, and side streets which surprisingly include sidewalks as a bonus to the citizenry which is great.  Just finished the book ” Tis” by Frank McCourt. Beautifully scripted and with sentimentality. There are several words like satirist or seanchie which is supposedly an Irish word: meaning to have a satisfied appetite. Then there is a French word prie dieu which I promise to look up the definition along with saunter and eddy. Love reading as I may have the grand opportunity to recall and retain these words. It’s so relevant to added knowledge. Momentarily I’m here in solitude as Andre is at an important doctor’s appointment.  Things are going well for us both. Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday at Clinton Crossing for a dex scan. Of course I struck up a conversation with a lady who was very friendly herself as both of us were waiting to be seen. Then during the procedure had another conversation with the nurse during this. As this made the time go faster and it was more relaxed. My height to 5 foot 1 inch and my weight is 89.1!  Then the receptionist was very friendly and complementary to me. So that was a short useful important visit with no follow up ones. Was home in record time. Don’t have others till May, which are two. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.











































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  1. Grace Hopper Says:

    U see I’ve already have an extensive site so why would I create another one when I’m perfectly satisfied with this particular site! Thanks so much!

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