With the nor’easter beyond us here it was and is smooth sailing: while having a little over a foot of snow here was able to navigate normally without a care. Following up with yesterday’s promise while blogging the words were relevant. Pieu Dieu is a piece of furniture dedicated to praying such as a prayer rug. Saunter is walking in a slow relaxed manner. Eddy is a world pool of circular water. So a promise made is a promise kept. Complicity comes to mind when viewing the recent news events. Unfortunately this is very distressing which deals with degenerate adult individuals to did the horrendous act of locking their three children in a tent. Now the logical intelligent way of thinking is that if you thought of any type of  unspeakable abuse give the children away such as a church or someplace else so as these innocent beautiful human beings wouldn’t have to be afflicted with this abuse. Though these evil beings are just beyond hope. There is a word called complicity and when such an evil act occurs people are complicit to the unknowing  evil act regardless of  anything that comes along the way. A great many acts could and should be prevented if only one single person would take it upon themselves to react and pay attention to these requests instead of doing nothing and  with conscience let this happen. Not a single person takes what others say in a serious vane. This is a mere utter shame. There really isn’t a reason to act in this manner. If this happen in a positive vane so many lives could be saved. Ever think of that saga!


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