An Unforgettable Friend: A Lovely Lady

Taking a moment to recognize this unforgettable friend: a lovely lady who is and always been cheerful with an optimistic attitude. Her name is Julia nicknamed Dot by her family. Have referred to her before and thought of her in a favorable manner. First met her while living in Alabama. Would run across the street and spend endless time just taking to her. She at the time was quite older than myself though really didn’t seem to mind. As a rule I wouldn’t have anything in common with older people though Julia was and is so different from the norm. We would converse on numerous subjects, sometimes disagree with others views though what really made the difference was just listening. As the years grew to a precious few, still each other would phone and chat again on endless views. We could talk on anything which was unique and had respect for each others comments. I would make it a priority to sing Happy Birthday to her each year. Then last year I called her and couldn’t leave a message and in January tried phoning her and the same thing happened. Got concerned and then facebook was my link in contacting her through her sons. Then after several attempts tried leaving messages to Betsy who was married to Lesley one of her sons. Fortunately Betsy responded to my concern and wrote back what had occurred in the interim! I was overwhelmed at the response that after countless tries I was overjoyed that I would finally find out what was occurring to my marvelous friend. During these times in Alabama I revealed to Julia that I hadn’t had a grandmother, so Julia said she would be my adopted grandma. She herself was a grandmother a great grandmother. So therefore our relationship deepened. Got several photos. cards with notes over the years and  just recently have some photos sent to me from Betsy via messenger. Also got a story written by her about her adventures with her younger sisters. Julia was a civil war historian which was wonderful that she would tell me events first hand. Now momentarily she is with hospice in Birmingham and not doing well though she is still alive which is very good as she was born in the early twenties.  Will always remember many endless qualities and her friendship.

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