” Wonderful Day”

Finally after more than frustration, I am online at last and most important I’m able to blog at last! Seems this took forever as I waited, prayed and had persistence to do this! It’s so important to me to express my inner thoughts on everything and anything! Thanks so much for the emails to me that went on for weeks. I’m a reserved person and I’m most grateful to the wordpress experts: all three of them, namely Vincenzo, Ruben and Anna. Thanks so much for your patience! So all is left is three words. Patience Persistence and Prayer! Which is very powerful. Things are going relatively well for me. Went to the Greek Orthodox Church today and it is Easter Sunday today for them. There are similarities between the G O C and the Roman Catholic Church: it is amazing. Feel very at home there. There at the service there is the three parts of the Mass Service! Both churches are the same as they believe in the Virgin Mary, say many of the prayers so I’m able to take part in this and besides going to Confession! Most of all this church is near to where I live. So what’s better than this! Ok, being able to blog! Been on my notes on facebook and expressing my utter frustration in not blogging.  The notes are temporary. Told of my being uncomfortable with that social media site! So now I’m again turning over another new leaf and a promise to myself! Starting now won’t share this and my continuing blogs on any social media! Again Thanks so much to wordpress! I will email you!!

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