” Unexpectedly” Part Two

Absolutely no day is the same. Every day is very eventful with lots to accomplish. For instance, we went to the dollar tree of course stopping off at Strong Hospital Pharmacy to pick up Andre’s medicine. Then we came home and I proceeded to do all the laundry Now today after being truly exhausted and after a well sounded night’s sleep, got up and Andre asked for medicine in particular blood pressure. This is Saturday. So last Sunday just a less than a week ago Andre’s catheter came out. After having dialysis on Saturday, which by the way he didn’t go today being that he was feeling up to par: so as I am scripting this I’m listening for him. So called Adam and we went to the emergency room at Strong. Got there at 10 in the morning after taking a bus there. Waited to be called then was asked to have a seat and wait. During this time Andre was very worried yet kept his cool and began to write, do crossword puzzles and still just waiting. This turned to be two in the afternoon and still waiting. Many people going to and fro in and out. People screaming, going crazy, police were called. Yet we were still waiting. Then the time was turning into 6 in the evening. Andre struck up a conversation with a patient who had been on dialysis for a year and so what gave a brief education to Andre as to what to look forward to as they both shared their ailment together. It was good to have Andre relate to someone who shared what Andre was going through as Andre didn’t feel he was the only person. As the time turning into seven in the evening Andre was at last called to get blood work. This took at least half an hour; then Andre was shown a room separate from the emergency room further down the hall. As I followed I kept considerably calm.  Then came another wait as the people were cleaning the room. We both wondered how long this would take. The male nurse came in to do more blood work. Then another nurse proceeded to give Andre a series of medicines. With nothing in his stomach he threw it all up as he was returning from the bathroom. Knowing full well these medicines are suppose to be taken with eating. This says specifically always eat. We both thought why the nurse did this and came to the conclusion that she wasn’t thinking. Then she commented ” Would you like some crackers” Of course Andre was very nice and spoke negatively to her response. So after waiting a short time longer Andre finally got a room for the night. It was now nine thirty in the evening. Adam brought Andre McDonalds. Andre couldn’t eat anything after midnight.  After twelve hours I went home and spent a good amount of the night cleaning and organizing the apartment, then fell into a deep sleep.





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