“Unexpectedly” Part Three

John Oliver, the brilliant commentator, comedian painstakingly researched his recent segment before it was aired. This most frightening segment dealt with dialysis.  He gave the public an educational preview of what kidney patients would sadly come up against with dealing with this disease. There are two well known drug companies called Fresenius and another one which I’m not sure of the spelling. Both have had lawsuits against them. One more so than the other. The first one my son Andre has. Sadly the percentage survival rate is lower the more years a person takes part. Yet even more tragic is if a person who doesn’t take part at all their survival rate is only 10 days. A person feels better if he/she is on dialysis; yet feels the normal reactions of fatigue and other ailments to numerous to mention.  Because of the abundance of illegal overdoses: there are many more recipients that are able to donate their organs to ones who are in desperate need of them. This is for organ transplants. However the two drug companies aren’t in favor of patients who are fortunate to receive transplants. Because the drug companies will loose money. How dreadful is this. Each time has dialysis there is an anti clotting agent that prevents to blood from clotting and is poured into the tube as the blood in filtered. This is called Liquid Gold. There is only a certain amount of this being used each time. However the drug company charges much more than originally being used and therefore making more money. Years ago before dialysis was used the people were dying at a exorbitant rate as if it was resembling Russian Roulette. Andre has dialysis tomorrow. On Wednesday he is going to Strong for a Peritoneal Dialysis to have a catheter put in his intestine called a PD so he will have home dialysis. This won’t happen immediately. The catheter that is in his chest that is near his heart has to heal first. So then he will have two catheters for a month in a half. It is amazing that what is inside the body can surely affect what is on the outside. People should always never take anyone or anything for granted.

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