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A Propensity

May 13, 2018

It is all the way a person pronounces a given word as to the spelling of it. This can make a real difference. Just referring to this title, as to the pre, per or pro. Now that this is said let me carry on with my premise. Now before┬ábegin let me say this blog is being done with mainly my right hand simply because my left index finger is fractured. And just noticed that the printing is different. Now it is the same. What in the world is going on. I was taking a walk on unleveled pavement and all of a sudden I fell with my index finger touching the ground. Got home and had an appointment with the eye doctor the next day, figured out that I could take care of it then. Went to it, all was good there had a break in appointments yet still applying drops. In the course of conversation he said it was broken. Told the nurse to make an appointment at Clinton Crossing at 7:30p.m. Told her that Andre was at dialysis. So got home and spoke to him. Thankfully he was ok then I phoned the office and made an appointment for the next day early. Went there had an x ray and it was broken sure enough. Now have a cast on it. It is taken of this Friday. Been on since Mothers Day and my birthday. So that the way it is. Just deal with it. Oh just went to my doctor on Thursday and as a result of a dex stand I have osteoporosis. This isn’t picayune. So a prescription was ordered. Only have to take it once a week. And it’s heredity. My blood pressure was high though it was high too at the eye doctor’s office. This printing is smaller. Don’t know why. It’s a mystery. Didn’t go to church, was walking and didn’t feel well. Thought I shouldn’t just for the better. Thought it was a good decision. Really wanted to go though. Well this is in the life of me.