What a heartbreaking situation dealing in the poor area of Flint where children are involved and the state government does nothing. Sadly it is common when the poor the economic factor. Never found in the more affluent areas. This just makes the bad matter worse. The life giving water which all need to survive was poisoned with toxic chemicals for a series of two years. That went unnoticed with many young children affected with brain defects uncontrolled. This indeed was of a criminal nature and myriad of lawsuits which was rightfully so and many people in higher office resigning or being fired for lack of competency. Those of responsibility should be held accountable for their actions. During these two long years many children some who were toddlers drank this poisoned water that was toxic in the sewer pipes and the water department nothing to combat this worse of all these adults simply ignored and lied when comforted. There is a special place in hell for these who put these little ones in danger.

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