Just an endless rainy day though things r going alright for myself and my son, Andre. Viewing the myriad news reports continuingly which really interests me. This you may know in reading this is about me. My health is good which is grand at my age. Trying my best to keep calm mainly because of my younger son. This year is almost gone with only a month to go. And what a year its been. I was in the hospital in July. It took me by surprise after a blood pressure medicine reacted in a very unusual way. My blood pressure was taken at a doctors appointment which showed 200 over 90 so my doctor prescribed a medicine. Was taking it as prescribed and then one day became confused and thought I would take a shower then went in the living room because I felt bad then threw up after having oatmeal. Still was aware of everything though called Andre and thought he was home yet he had just gotten out of the hospital and was on his way home. His bedroom door was closed and thought he wanted time to himself. Called him three times and he didn’t answer. Then I phoned his friend Adam and asked him if Andre were with him. Then I phoned 911 and the fire truck came. In fact in order for them to enter the house a latter to put to the window and two of then enter through the window. At the time the ambulance came. After that Adam came and perplexed because the lights were on and the door was locked. I was in the emergency room then from there was in ICU for a few days. The doctors were trying their best to get my sodium down and finally it was down. Blood pressure is comprised of many elements mainly; sodium, magnesium, phosphate, and potassium. Now if Andre has a lot of potassium he has to take pills and can go into cardiac arrest. So high and low blood pressure produces issues intrinsically sometimes beyond the means of survival. I myself was told I could have died, or been brain damaged. It isn’t a laughing matter by any means. I was in the medicine department at Strong for a week. The nurses, all of them were tremendous, professional, caring. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people. And the doctors were wonderful as well. My doctor could understand why my blood pressure was so elevated to such a high degree. I commented that I will never take any blood pressure medicine again. You can count on that. Her response was it was such a minimal level.

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