When All Is Said And Done

What a unique slogan! It’s never done though just beginning in some cases. Recently took a scenic walk on Mt Hope college area. Actually took the bus there simply because my son was experiencing chest pain a mild type; then fortunately it subsided as time went by. This was a nearly all day outing. Took my walker along and discovered it needed a pair of tennis balls as the medal was rubbing against the pavement and therefore became annoying to my son and come to think of it this was aggravating to myself. So when I go to my appointment next month I shall ask one of the nurses about it. Just don’t want the walker to become off balance in any way. So I of course will question this possibility. I personally like having the walker though don’t have it continually. Just for common sense purposes. The nurses in which attended to me in ICU and the medicine department were all phenomenal without a doubt. Could name them personally by name. A nurse who comes to mind is Katie. She called me Cutie Petutie and once I questioned the reasoning and she commented that she liked me. She too encouraged that I use the walker so I wouldn’t run the chance of falling. I still do the pt exercises each day and really its not a bother.
Speaking of the title, this is the second time that I didn’t vote. First in Georgia, had a Wisconsin id which was valid meaning it wasn’t expired though it wasn’t a Georgia id, so the official said I couldn’t vote. I was annoyed because I really wanted to exercise my privilege. Was just in Georgia for a year then came here. Though didn’t have enough time to get my New York id. So yesterday I miss out on this again. Time just runs away from you when there are million items to care about. So hopefully I will get it in time to vote in 2020. Each day there are so many items to cover. Just thinking of the things that are most important momentarily then move forward.

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