In The Meantime

In the meantime or in the interim thinking a modus operandi is in order. While when it is quiet this would be an extraordinary time to do this. Ordinarily this would have been done next month. Patiently waiting for this month to come to a finality, knowing that this month is far better than last not so nerve raking. Been concentrating on anything the being online, letters were written longhand to Patti in Seattle & also to the family of Julia. Speaking of the Patti, she didn’t have any email address of phone number wasn’t on social media so the only way was to sit down and compose a reasonable intelligent letter: which in my estimation to a lengthy period of time. Though once it was accomplished was content with the result. Not just waiting for a response and that could take a considerable period of time. Which I don’t mind at all. Then while waiting for the third of the month got interested in watching a bit of tv such as the view and the talk and of course music filled a good amount of time just doing everything to relax and for me is a milestone. Of course spending wonderful pleasurable hours in conversation with my son Andre, talking on the phone to Ian my older son, texting to friends and relatives as well. Spent priceless hours doing items which were optimistic & favorable. Now the bill for Frontier was debited & so now I may feel good that I may go online from this time forward with not a worry. So life is good.

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