Mishmash Of Items

Thinking that I would forgo till another month: then I thought otherwise! These items are worth mentioning. All are important, simply in fact that these have come to light unfortunately. Namely PG&E which serves a monumental millions in Northern California & throughout the state. This company have accusations of falsifying gas pipeline records which resulted in death of citizens of that state. Then let’s focus on the needless horrific fires which were a tragic outcome. California is the most expensive state to live: or one of the top. How sad! Then onto another subject which is in fact in the same realm. Wells Fargo Bank which has offices in many though not all the states. This bank is under question for denying loans to many hard working everyday people & ruining their lives financially. As a result there have been terrible downward spirals in their lives. Then the bank sent a check to these people as an insult adding insult to injury. Money just doesn’t get it! Then still on to another subject which is heartbreaking. Johnson& Johnson the well known company has had asbestos in their product which caused Mesothelioma that resulted in cancer. This happened to a great deal of human beings. More over after knowing this company covered it from the general public. How very sad! It would be an idea to boycott these. Though would it be enough? After knowingly taking the lives of human beings, would anything be enough to compensate these wrongdoings?

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