Onward & Upward

Just a sufficient note this year is special being that my son Andre will be 42 years of age. Forty two is the year I was born. Also I will be 77 years of age the year Andre was born. So this is numerology, isn’t it! Furthermore onward and upward we both go. Getting things done in a flash yesterday which was very surprising: making good time worthwhile at the DMV getting my non drivers ID card which will arrive in two weeks which was a minimal amount. Before this went to CVS pharmacy for Timolol get solution which was a maximum amount. Then for two days spent time with a series of phone calls to various places. Very frustrating, annoying as the more I spent with it as I wouldn’t let it go before some satisfied solution: that is just me as I was getting hot under the collar with every passing moment. Came to some solution in a way as again it’s a waiting game. Then my older son Ian who is in Germany is awaiting a Christmas present we both sent. Andre typed in the DPO address as I reported to him from a recent Christmas card. It was sent by a website no names intended. The item originated in California & went cross country then reached the global place. It says it hasn’t reached the destination. So again Andre will check on it when he can as I will in my own beautiful way remind him. Talk about more frustration. Just hoping he receives it & worse yet someone hasn’t stolen it in the process. So again this is a waiting game. The weather here is typical with snow and bitter cold however isn’t nearly as bad as our previous address. So as the New Year progress trying my best to stay calm & being optimistic.

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