Pursuing and pressuring for a goal in these two important factors is my aim. Phoning several business places with being put on hold, then phoning repeatedly without a satisfactory solution. The latest was writing out a check to the insurance company not knowing if this was a deductible. Though hoping when the medicine renews it will be at the minimal as opposed to the maximum amount: if then the doctor will prescribe a cheaper form. Then to the other situation. Just recently received a survey to complete which I promptly did which wasn’t favorably which is understandable knowing the circumstances. Got several emails before that stating that the gift was delivered. Then it stated that it will be delivered between the 4th and the 8th. Taking a break from annoyance, ventured nearby to shops, restaurants; then ventured further still to College Town, downtown to Marketplace for a bit of shopping while taking a cab to return home. A nearly two foot snowfall recently which wasn’t so awful, spent watching nature shows, movies, and television shows all on Netflix which was quite enjoyable. Must add saw an array of photos of my older son, his wonderful wife, and my grandkids all grown to a point of their early adulthood: of put these in my timeless photos to treasure. My younger son is doing just ok, though still fighting with his condition. I so admire him for his fortitude. When he feels better enjoy events with him. So it goes in my favorite state.

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