More Updates

To make a long story short which in my case hardly ever happens: though naturally I’ll make an attempt. In according to my older son’s Christmas present, I was inclined to contact to seller of the item which is connected to the website. That happened in which the seller stated that the item was delivered & furthermore he stated that he didn’t know which page I was viewing. So came to this resolution that he was very rude, & I would have to wait for Ian to contact me in reference to this situation. By the way he is scheduled to leave for Baghdad on the first of June. Now to other update. Phoned the Part D customer care line in regards to this medicine though before I did made a call to the pharmacist at CVS & she stated that the medicine is in fact a generic kind which is astounding at that price. The agent at Part D stated that I was automatically enrolled in the plan as of the first of the this year. Stated that he would pay back the amount made in seven to ten days. Just went to the drugstore yesterday, the pharmacist phoned. Then gave me a slip of paper stating that I would be getting the medicine for the minimal amount & that the insurance company would return the amount which would be a different amount. Then to another situation, went to the optical place to pick up my extra pair of glasses. Something is wrong. Will have to go to Dr. Plotnik to see what he suggests. These glasses are a back up pair. This is in the normality of the routine. C’est vie!

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