Just trying to keep calm & not be stressed out! Things are going relatively well & I should be thankful and in my heart, I am though am still concerned inwardly in a natural way. Blogging should calm me down a bit. Speaking of the calming effect been watching nature shows which are wonderfully educational. Oh speaking of education. The kidneys affect blood pressure. My son Andre is now at dialysis. He has been feeling quite well. He was in the hospital & spent the overnight there. Reason being he had lab results indicating his blood was low, had an mri to check if he was bleeding internally. Had a transfusion of two pints of blood. Then had a doctor’s appointment in which the nurse gave him a shot in the stomach of red blood cells. Now at dialysis he will be getting red blood cells. It is expensive. It is called Liquid Gold. I feel anything to keep him healthy. My health is good been doing my exercises daily, eating better, gaining weight. Been texting friends & relatives occasionally back & forth, which shows that others care. Looking forward to the Oscars tomorrow, been online viewing the news, all types. So now I feel calmer a bit! C’est la vie. Che sera sera! Ciao!

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