Tip Of The Ice Burg

This matter is shocking & most difficult to express. As I’m a Roman Catholic, though don’t attend the sacrificial Mass which gives me great solace, comfort and belief. Haven’t gone for a number of years, maybe just a handful of times.
Years ago when I was married, I didn’t go for the reason of alleged abuse of children. Now with Pope Francis at the reign unfortunately these allegations are true. What makes it worse is that it started in the 1940’s: furthermore it involved Nuns & not just priests. What is more unnerving is that nuns were abused by priests. Calling these nuns sex slaves which the thought of that makes stomach tumbles, more so scripting this is shameful. What is sad is that these abused nuns turned to items which attempted them to forget& some of them turned to suicide. The more I read & research this subject I find items which are too disturbing. For instance the coverup the complicity of others, which keeps the secrets hidden. Thankfully Pope Francis has addressed this tragedy. Read that a Cardinal won’t give name for the fact of recognition: was indicted and could spend a number of years behind bars. The Federal Government is looking into allegations in a number of states including Pa. which initialized the start. The Vatican has their own courts, jails & other judicial system. In all religions: it has its issues. Never expected to be in the R.C. This isn’t just in the United States it worldwide. I feel disappointed. I still pray to the Virgen Mary, & I know Pope Francis has made a positive difference. Does this sound like I’m confessing!? I do know that all aren’t horrendous, though only not even a few but many! This is an education so let’s look at it in that way!

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