Tip Of The Ice Burg: Options & Suggestions

Thought this would be better to script this tomorrow, while my son is at dialysis though it is quiet now & while sipping a cup of hot tea as it is snowing & harsh winds are abound: its a window of opportunity.
Let me first say that it was nerve raking yesterday blogging this disturbing subject. So doing a couple of misspellings is reasonable. I’m a bit calmer momentarily. So continuing while updating, there was a Catholic priest arrested yesterday in Philadelphia. Not a human being on earth has the right to prejudge another without evidence. So hopefully this priest will be indicted & the law will take its course. There are options & suggestions that would not stop this from occurring in the future. However these would hopefully bring the fallen Catholics back. Bring the Roman Catholic Church more in tune with other Christian & other beliefs. Pope Francis who is an innovator, would make a declaration that priests have the option to marry. After all the early popes were married. Another suggestion would be the women have the right to celebrate Mass as the priests do. Also have nuns give the Holy Eucharist to the congregations. It would bring women more attune with the Church.
I still pray to Jesus & to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I find comfort in this. Human beings need an inner strength in religion, regardless of which one it is: especially when things are difficult. So hopefully Pope Francis will have the presence of mind to do the logical & reasonable thing, or maybe do something similar to this. It can never erase the deeds of those priests or nuns.

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