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In Appreciation

April 19, 2019

A window of opportunity comes ever so often: though a missed opportunity isn’t at all so might as well take full advantage. For the past few months been receiving Blue Apron! Thanks to Ian who had the presence of mind to do this as a Christmas present. Andre has been joyfully preparing those great wonderful meals each time. So this is in appreciation to both my sons! Just a quick reminder of thanks to the umpteenth degree!

Patience Is The Best Reward

April 1, 2019

Waking up this morning with four inches of fresh coated snow on the ground was a pleasant change knowing that it would be erased quickly with the warm temperature momentarily. It’s now sunshine abound. Things are going well for Andre & myself. Been doing lots of ordinary things together which makes it extraordinary. Andre had a pre op for the fistula on Wednesday. He will get a fistula on the twenty first of May. I’ll go to that with him as I went to the pre op. Both are at different places.
All night I’d been waiting for the Blue Apron delivery. It was held up b/c of the snow. Luckily they were good & sent me an email. So this morning thought it would come earlier though came at five minutes till three. Must thank Ian for sending it: & Andre for preparing it. He is a chef so he enjoys cooking.
So while being it was Monday I usually take my sodium pill. Have it wait a half hour before eating while drinking a full cup of water. So today I avoid this while waiting for the box. So I’ll do this tomorrow. Not a worry Tuesday will be the day. Speaking of Tuesday, Andre has dialysis. He didn’t have it on Saturday. The doctor said “No”. Simply for the reason that the red blood cells weren’t increasing fast enough. They were creeping along although Andre was taking commonly called “liquid gold”. It’s very expensive. The longer a person is on dialysis the red blood cells decrease. Andre has been on it for a year & a few months.
Slowing & systematically we will go shopping for things we need. Both looking Happy Spring to everyone.