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Everything Coming At Once

May 18, 2019

This month of May has been filled with everything coming at once. To actually keep me calm. been watching sport events. For some unknown reason this is a calming affect on me. Yesterday walked a total of five miles which didn’t seem that long: going to Monroe Ave. to several places. Then today walked a total of two miles. Took the bus to the Transit Center then looked for directions to the Verona Street Animal Society to adopt a cat. My son Andre was with me. It was our idea to adopt a cat. There were many people looking for dogs though fortunately there weren’t as many people looking for cats. We spotted one that was very affectionate and loving. So we decided on this particular one. So now this will occur on Tuesday the 21st. The cat will have surgery before that. Andre will have surgery on the 21st as well. The time isn’t scheduled yet. Though one or both us have to be at the AS at 3:45 PM. Andre wants me to be at the hospital when he has surgery for a fistula. He won’t be able to move his arm for 24 hours. So he will probably reschedule the surgery. He really wants this cat. So this is a problem. Hopefully he or we may figure this out. His leg has been bothering him too. So now he is at dialysis. He worries about things as I do Just trying to think positive as usual though it is difficult. Had my Birthday on the fifteenth a few days ago. Wanted to make it last longer. Just had a remarkable day. Spreading my wings further going many places and enjoying this tremendously. Wishing my son Andre gets a transplant soon to make his life better. Would love to give him my kidney though not advisable because of my age. Though really I am more than willing. This is a constant worry, the whole issue. I just want to be fine. Thankfully I love his company & so grateful to have him with me as long as time allows


May 7, 2019

A window of opportunity while nursing a horrendous cold which seems to get better, though still lingers. Was far worse in the beginning however it still is there. The camaraderie with persons is a treasure. Pope Francis just elevated some bishops to cardinals. These select few will vote for the upcoming Pope. He had the presence of mind & savor faire to choose these learned men from countries like Iraq & other places which are fairly unknown with this unique selection. In fact there were 35 countries which is astonishing. Of course, he made the point to at least make an effort to recognize the schism between the orthodox & catholic which astounding. The Byzantine Catholics are in Syria. There are Catholics who originate from other countries. Fortunately there isn’t a schism between the catholic church. In closing want to mention people should have civility toward others, & that takes matters, even though their dislike is monumental. Everyone is so very divided. It’s shameful. Let’s just make an effort to be just civil to others. Not trust them because trust is earned not just given away at free will to anyone.


May 4, 2019

Taking a moment to script, while feeling convoluted though knowing things will turn out for the best. My son Andre is at dialysis which is necessary. Though the more dialysis he receives, his blood cells diminish so he has to take a nasty liquid to replenish the blood cells which has a lengthy medical term which the average person can’t pronounce. It has at least 16 letters. There are foods which are consumed by a healthy person which has potassium. However a patient who has renal failure the potassium isn’t conducive to their body. Furthermore their are lists of foods that have different amounts of potassium which begin with low, medium & high. Some lists are different depending on the website you are viewing. Then there is the situation of costs for the different types of medicines. Sometimes it can be disheartening & frustrating. The average person can & sometimes goes bankrupt because of medical costs. It’s a constant concern. I can speak personally about these issues. I feel I don’t speak of these. Only if I can have someone to solve this: if not it just falls on deaf ears & is a waste of time verbalizing this. So I keep it to myself. I want need solutions.