Taking a moment to script, while feeling convoluted though knowing things will turn out for the best. My son Andre is at dialysis which is necessary. Though the more dialysis he receives, his blood cells diminish so he has to take a nasty liquid to replenish the blood cells which has a lengthy medical term which the average person can’t pronounce. It has at least 16 letters. There are foods which are consumed by a healthy person which has potassium. However a patient who has renal failure the potassium isn’t conducive to their body. Furthermore their are lists of foods that have different amounts of potassium which begin with low, medium & high. Some lists are different depending on the website you are viewing. Then there is the situation of costs for the different types of medicines. Sometimes it can be disheartening & frustrating. The average person can & sometimes goes bankrupt because of medical costs. It’s a constant concern. I can speak personally about these issues. I feel I don’t speak of these. Only if I can have someone to solve this: if not it just falls on deaf ears & is a waste of time verbalizing this. So I keep it to myself. I want need solutions.

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