A window of opportunity while nursing a horrendous cold which seems to get better, though still lingers. Was far worse in the beginning however it still is there. The camaraderie with persons is a treasure. Pope Francis just elevated some bishops to cardinals. These select few will vote for the upcoming Pope. He had the presence of mind & savor faire to choose these learned men from countries like Iraq & other places which are fairly unknown with this unique selection. In fact there were 35 countries which is astonishing. Of course, he made the point to at least make an effort to recognize the schism between the orthodox & catholic which astounding. The Byzantine Catholics are in Syria. There are Catholics who originate from other countries. Fortunately there isn’t a schism between the catholic church. In closing want to mention people should have civility toward others, & that takes matters, even though their dislike is monumental. Everyone is so very divided. It’s shameful. Let’s just make an effort to be just civil to others. Not trust them because trust is earned not just given away at free will to anyone.

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