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June 8, 2019

Springtime is on the horizon with mild temps & mostly with a considerably cool breeze which is very comfortable. The best season by far. Since last blog lots of things occurred. Most day to day routine, feeling good & keeping calm. Had a great birthday. Phoning friends & certain relatives, including texting them. Went to my primary doctor yesterday. Dr. Caroline Hsu is terrific. Sadly she is leaving & going back to Boston. She is under an umbrella of doctors: she is leaving in two weeks unfortunately. My blood pressure is high again so she prescribed me amlodipine 2.5. She knew I was adversed in taking medicines or more. Asked her if it would be lower than 2.5. She said no. She was going to give 5 mil, though the 2.5 was fine. She also mentioned that the others bp med. that I had a bad reaction that she didn’t prescribed. It was one of the other doctors. She mentioned she was under an umbrella. Had some blood work done. It would check several factors, kidneys colest.,diabetes,& other factors. Got my results the next day on my chart, it was within the guidelines. Got a Pneumococcal vaccine too. Viewed the information on my chart the basic metabolic panel. Was on fb. messaged a pleasant conversation with Ian my older son. He will be in the states visiting his children while spending time with Michele’s parents. He will spend time there before going to Iraq for a year. My younger son Andre is fine. Has dialysis today. Just glanced at the time. He is doing ok, was in the hospital on the 25th as a result of a seizure. Unknown cause. So this is a concern for both he & I. Just recently we went to the animal shelter & got Oreo. He is adorable. Sent pictures to relatives & friends. Well this is the size of it.