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July 1, 2019

Ignorance of the few never shadows the rest! Last month was a difficult harsh time to deal with: though being resilient & praying each & every night actually pulled us both through. What did go wrong, went wrong through no fault of our own. So now this is a new month with plans & dreams. Its been sunny & warm as usual nothing yet unbearable. We both keep striving to do better which is most difficult to say the least. Yet with the faith in each other makes it worth surviving. Been keeping up with sports, hockey, the Blues won the Stanley Cup: basketball, the Raptors won the Championship in Canada. Then been viewing the Mets, Yankees which are both tremendous. We have a new addition to the family. His name is Oreo. He’s a year old kitten & into everything. He brings much joy to our lives & of course a comfort zone which is very important. He is adorable. Been taking more than a numerous amount of photos on my phone & sending them to friends & certain relatives. Been writing letters to friends also. Love keeping letters a personal attachment to those persons. Have a great many of them over the years. My son Andre is doing better. His blood cells, potassium is fine along with his blood pressure. That is good to note which is remarkable. Speaking of blood pressure, my primary doctor prescribe me a 2.5 mil., I’m taking. No reactions. Am nearly out, along with my sodium pills, & Timolol which I will renew all three on Wednesday. My son Ian whom is going to Baghdad the early part of July. I hope he will phone me before that. His birthday is the third. I’m tempted to call him & sing Happy Birthday to him. He will be 46 years of age. His wife, my daughter in law will leave in early August. So this will be the first time they will be apart in of their married life. An afterthought before I wind this up, am still waiting for a call from my new primary doctor. Dr. Caroline Hsu graduated & left for Boston. So being that it is July hopefully will be hearing from the new doctor soon. Although it is a 6 month time period would actually like to have a call soon so I may put it on my phone so I will just have it on my notepad. I have mychart so got two emails thusfar. So when there’s two there’s always three. So time will tell. C’est la vie!