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August 1, 2019

This past month has been very progressive. The weather for the most part has been tolerable however there have been days that reached the high 90’s though didn’t stop us from getting items accomplished. Felt like it was in the hundreds. The humidity was so as I feel it presently as I script this. If you drink sugary beverages you actually feel it more. Speaking of this as I get a swig of coke, which is refreshing. Now just imagine that you were swimming to safe your life! It isn’t imagination. It is very true. Migrants who leave their homes, countries of origin to attempt for a better life: whether by boat, canoe or most just walk with only their clothes on their backs. Only with determination, persistence, tenacity. Not just one family but hundreds of thousands. These brave souls escape the horrid damnation of their countries. After attempting to flee they are found drowned in vehicles that have overturned in the waters. Many others have been trying to escape for months going on several years just to find their sad life come to a halt with border patrol agents destroying their dreams. For the few that make the journey, they are caged worse than animals, with filthy conditions. A great many are separated from their families, never to return. A good many are children who come alone. A good amount have died unnecessarily in these places, only to find asylum. The present administration of the government have no need to assist them in a positive way. Won’t even give the name for this reason. It is unconscionable to have human beings treated with such disgrace. To make matters worse, there is a place in Brownsville which houses children who are infants: the older children care for them to the best of their ability. Some children have been there for nearly four years or more. What kind of life do they have?