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Long Time Coming

September 1, 2019

Thought time would be a perfect time to script. Its been a long time coming to have our own transportation instead of taking the bus or walking. Since having a car, its been convenient. Lack of time consuming has been the most part. Being able to go to the grocery store is marvelous. The expense weighs far greater than the alternative. It’s actually less stressful in the long run. This investment has been worthwhile. Although now it is parked on the street though it will be in the garage soon. It won’t pass inspection because there is a gas leak & besides it may be rusted underneath. This will be in October so we have time to decide. It is still drivable. We have gone only necessary places, nothing in a pleasure sense.
There is another long time coming. Been putting this on the back burner though now we have appts to the dentists. We have a lot of work done mine less though Andre’s more so. However it is finally in the process. We both have stayed healthy & that’s very vital. So happy first day of the month!