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A Solution

October 28, 2019

Sunny days for the last week of October. Very pleasant before the cold freeze sets in next month. There are a million of varieties of vegetables grown by the farmers. A good many of them are refused at the grocery stores because they are imperfect, having a mark or some discoloration. They are wasted. What a shame! There are many who go hungry each day and can’t sleep for lack of hunger. This again comes down to price. These foods are good to eat. Many human beings miss out on being healthy. So there is a solution. A truck that is called Imperfect drives around the neighborhood and delivers these vegetables to those who are in need or people who simply want them at a very economic cost. These are very nourishing and healthy. Tops a local grocery store here does a good deed. They recook and repackage types of meat after a few days and resell the product at a reduced cost. This is an excellent idea and more or every store should follow the same practice. This Imperfect truck is in Patterson, New Jersey. So let’s take a page and therefore do a good deed. This will benefit all of us.


October 6, 2019

This is a window of opportunity. All is quiet momentarily. Always occupied, never wasting time. Gentrification is happening everywhere. Whether it is the sweet wonderful country of Canada where the people of Montreal is being pushed out to build a new edition to the university of Montreal. This is at a huge cost to the poor who have lived there for centuries with older generations at risk. When gentrification comes it is horrendous to the poor. Where do these people go and live? Most end up homeless for lack of funds. This happens in the sections of any country where the rich want to make more needless money, where it is called progress. It happens anywhere there is crime and a huge abundance of it: where savvy business people use the word invest to the benefit of selfishness at the expensive of the poor. This still happens regardless of the outcome and will continue to happen. This occurred in Brooklyn about ten to fifteen years ago. Now people exist here and pay a tremendous amount to live daily. They called it the middle class. Yet the middle class is non existent; just for the fact that they have huge debts with credit cards. So this term occurs with not a happy ending.

Disseminate And Differentiate

October 1, 2019

Disseminate means to spread information: knowledge, opinions widely. Differentiate means to make someone or something different in someway. A great deal of information to grasp to say the least. Been very occupied with various daily items. Doctor appointments for the most part; and having a reliable car now really makes the difference.
My son Andre is doing well. Has a fistula on the eighth of this month. And for those who would like, I will disseminate the fact that both veins and arteries will be intertwine then moved slightly. This procedure will be better because of the lack of infection. Let me further differentiate the catheter and the fistula. It is called the type of medicine which I am unsure of the spelling. However this will be better in the long run. He is still waiting for a transplant which if the person is rich is a breeze. Though if the person isn’t the procedure takes five years at least. Not fair though that is the way it Things are going well for both of us. Less stressful which is tremendous. Going to St. Anne Church which we both like. Then on our way back from the Record Archive we stopped at Our Lady of Lourdes which is considerably near where we live. So now there are two places we can go. This will give us peace of mind. A place of comfort, which is nice.