Disseminate And Differentiate

Disseminate means to spread information: knowledge, opinions widely. Differentiate means to make someone or something different in someway. A great deal of information to grasp to say the least. Been very occupied with various daily items. Doctor appointments for the most part; and having a reliable car now really makes the difference.
My son Andre is doing well. Has a fistula on the eighth of this month. And for those who would like, I will disseminate the fact that both veins and arteries will be intertwine then moved slightly. This procedure will be better because of the lack of infection. Let me further differentiate the catheter and the fistula. It is called the type of medicine which I am unsure of the spelling. However this will be better in the long run. He is still waiting for a transplant which if the person is rich is a breeze. Though if the person isn’t the procedure takes five years at least. Not fair though that is the way it Things are going well for both of us. Less stressful which is tremendous. Going to St. Anne Church which we both like. Then on our way back from the Record Archive we stopped at Our Lady of Lourdes which is considerably near where we live. So now there are two places we can go. This will give us peace of mind. A place of comfort, which is nice.

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