A Solution

Sunny days for the last week of October. Very pleasant before the cold freeze sets in next month. There are a million of varieties of vegetables grown by the farmers. A good many of them are refused at the grocery stores because they are imperfect, having a mark or some discoloration. They are wasted. What a shame! There are many who go hungry each day and can’t sleep for lack of hunger. This again comes down to price. These foods are good to eat. Many human beings miss out on being healthy. So there is a solution. A truck that is called Imperfect drives around the neighborhood and delivers these vegetables to those who are in need or people who simply want them at a very economic cost. These are very nourishing and healthy. Tops a local grocery store here does a good deed. They recook and repackage types of meat after a few days and resell the product at a reduced cost. This is an excellent idea and more or every store should follow the same practice. This Imperfect truck is in Patterson, New Jersey. So let’s take a page and therefore do a good deed. This will benefit all of us.

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