What a stressful couple of days, having to fit all the important items together. Being that Sunday falls on the third and this past Friday just fell of the first: it is a world wind to place items in the right place. Each day for the past month, its been crowding items of importance. In the days past, its been putting items before hand so it would be less stressful. Though yesterday I mistakenly left my phone at our bank. So last night I was carefully do math in my head & then putting it down on paper & it didn’t mount up, so I have a calculator on my computer & it was different: so I did the math several times & then wrote it down it my checkbook. Am decided to go forward in the process, though still have to pick up my phone at our bank. What a mess.
Ok finally went to the dentist. After putting it on the back burner thinking & rightfully so that other items were far more essential. It turned out that it was less that originally quoted. Just had a cleaning & an x ray though on the twenty-third will return for the results. It was pleasant, have a Persian dentist. Her assistant is very good & both have a great bed side manner. The tech that did my x ray is from Camb, its between Laos & Vietnam. She is very good & kind & gentle. Am impressed with the entire visit.
My son Andre isn’t feeling well has a headache so will hopefully go to our bank later on in the day or maybe tomorrow as it is open till one in the afternoon.
Car has been running fine, though has a couple of minor things wrong so we will take it to a great place. So more about this situation later.

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