What a mess! This is my second try! Is this Murphy’s Law? The battery was low so when I went to publish this it failed. So as I was saying, I resided at many addresses in my life thus far. Those addresses had meaning only for the fact that it gave me solace because there were people who were in this universe that were here physically then were not, though these people will be forever in my heart. Been reading Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathon Letham. It is fast pasted & thrilling. Never a dull moment. Looking forward to seeing the movie too with Edward Norton. Momentarily my son Andre is resting. He had a dialysis treatment today so he not feeling up to par. Though tomorrow he will be feeling better. Been going to St Anne Church which is great. My son & I go which is a nice pace from the everyday routine. Been watching nature movies which gives a person a sense of calmness. Been watching sports mainly soccer, hockey. Now it is very quiet now you can’t hear a pin drop as the saying goes. Went to the dentist & paid & posted it today: have an appointment tomorrow. So wish me luck! Been doing door ash to obtain funds for added necessities. It’s nerve raking at times though it serves the purpose. Andre & I do it together which makes it tolerable. Have a doctors appointment on the second, so this will be interesting that I haven’t met her yet. So this is it Wish me luck!

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