A Respite

While drinking a warm cup of tea, its time to be thought provoking once again before time slips away & its the middle of the month. Been door dashing with my son Andre as he needs necessary funds for the dentist next month. I assist him & carry the items. He mainly does the work delivering, getting orders & driving. I keep him company too. It’s sometimes fun while its progressing. It’s done mainly on his phone with an app. He has a red card to pay for the orders sometimes. So in the whole process, he lost his wallet. By the way this is the second time. The first, he dropped it from his pocket; had to go back to the college place, & luckily someone turned it in to the main office with everything in it. So this time it was different. He looked on his phone to see if there was bank activity. Luckily there wasn’t. So still he had to go through the mess of canceling & notifying. That night was the worse. It affected me the next morning with lack of sleep & worrying. The morning I didn’t put my medicine in my eyes nor take the blood pressure med. Had to do this in the evening. How weird. Though better late than never.
So yesterday he went to dialysis. I read my book, Motherless Brooklyn. I’m liking it. Half way through it, & still awaiting the movie at Redbox in February.
So taking a respite from doing Door Dash. Andre signup for Grub Hub, the same process. Andre mentioned going to Buffalo with me to get his red card: instead of waiting for it by mail. It’s only an hour away though hopefully we won’t go because of the stress angle. So need to go to the grocery. Made a list of necessary items. Taking the empty cans back. Going to Mass at three, renting a movie from Redbox. Taking solace in these; while waiting for items in the mail. I’m thankful for everything & persons who mean everything to me.

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