Things come & go. Some fortunately stay. While going to one of my favorite places, I came across items that I favored then & now. It’s a blizzard of Heath. Also an ice cream cake cone dipped in butterscotch which are both to my liking. These are special unique sweets that are special anytime of year.
Sending out Christmas cards while receiving them is always exciting. Expecting some that are from wonderful persons with notes attached that are saved & treasured.
My son Andre is presently at the car place scheduled for an oil change. Our car is going well: & its so good to have a vehicle. We both appreciate the convenience of it. It’s so useful especially in this weather. It’s good to warm it up before we get into it. How thankful we are.
Things are continually running smoothly. We went to Buffalo then to N. Falls. This was at night & the Falls were spectacular. Could see the CN Tower in Toronto & just the array of lights too. While there went to the Hard Rock Café. This was great. What a window of opportunity. How enjoyable. It’s just a little less than two hours to there so it was quite nice. I’m finishing my book Motherless Brooklyn. Been renting movies on Redbox also. Just enjoying & relaxing.
Going to get a present for Ian. Will be looking on Amazon of Ebay. This time will be having to sent to us then send it to Michele parents in Va. They will give the gift to Ian when they see him. He will be in Baghdad till May. How we love him & miss him. Michele sent me a message on facebook asking me for my address; so she can resend a Christmas card. Now we don’t have to bother about oversees gifts.
Merry Christmas & having a spectacular New Year 2020

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