Close To The Heart

A brand new month comes with a New Year with everything on the horizon. I noted while online yesterday that a well known song The Sidewalks Of New York actually existed being that the names used were really people who lived there. All had addresses. This is a sounding. What a pleasant surprise. So this is close to my heart. Really anything about the positive aspects of this wonderful city pays special notice in my book. Of course there are negative aspects of it with any city though it is wise to pay close attention because I favor this city above all cities & expect the most & am somewhat annoyed if it doesn’t come up to my expectations. My fault is that I put things & people in high regard & am highly disappointed if it doesn’t come my way. That is a perspective of my feelings. That’s the way I am. Although over the years I’ve grown to realize the imperfect. However its always optimistic to reach for the stars.

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